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Welcome to Stadium Auto Solutions

By their commitment to customer service is officially recognized as a  parts plus car care center.

We will keep the needs of you, our customer first, we will advise you of any areas of concern that may be safety related or warrant re-inspection in the near future.

No repairs will be performed without your informed consent, we will perform only the repairs your vehicle requires and you agree to.

We will install only the highest quality products at a fair price, All parts installed by our professionally trained technicians will meet or exceed original equipment specifications.

We will gladly answer any questions you may have, we will follow all static regulations

We will uphold the integrity of all members of the parts  plus car care center family.

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We also accept ALL After-Market Warranties!

Specialization in your Vehicle!

* All of your Automotive needs at one service center without paying dealer prices.

* From as simple as your 3,000 mile oil change or as complicated as replacing your engine.

* Auto Solutions can handle all of your automotive questions.

* Depending & Trusted Quality Auto Service.

* The Solution to all Your Automotive Needs!